noun cat·a·lyst
: a person, thing or event that quickly causes change or action
: change agents with an unstoppable drive to action, brimming with ideas to make the world better

Synonyms: fire starter, change agent, disruptor, change maker, problem solver

Harness the Clarity

Catalysts are change makers who quickly put things together and then drive toward action. We have a relentless drive to turn ideas into reality and will take risks to make that happen. Within organizations we are the change agents ensuring businesses do more than just survive in today’s fast changing marketplace.

Sometimes Catalysts experience uncertainty or exhaustion as we move toward change. It can be difficult to constantly swim upstream – especially difficult to try to change the flow of the stream. It is in those moments that working with a coach is invaluable.

Lovejoy Consulting can help. Tracey Lovejoy is an executive coach that helps Catalysts harness their vision and confidence so they can create positive change.

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Are You Ready?

  • Are you jumpstarting a change in your life, perhaps a job shift?
  • Are you tackling a huge change, starting a business or a movement?
  • Are you growing as leader, leading a new team and driving bigger change?
  • Are you growing the health and resilience of your team?
  • Are you struggling to create positive impact?
  • Are you ready to play bigger in the world?

Let’s jump in!

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CLARITY + Experimentation = Manifestation

The one-on-one coaching process starts by creating clarity, then quickly transitions to action and experimentation.

Catalyst team engagements are customized for your desired outcomes. Whether you would like to maximize team health and impact or sharpen the group’s change making skills – we can work together to build a program right for you.

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Tracey has supported Catalysts in a wide variety of large and small organizations across many industries like healthcare, education, technology, professional services, retail and food service. Catalysts are everywhere!

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Sign up to receive a free copy of The Biggest Mistakes that Catalytic Leaders Make … And How to Avoid Them!