I am a Coach and a Researcher. And I love my work because I have the great honor of catalyzing Catalysts – those with a deep drive to make the world around them better. I support Catalysts in many ways:

• I work 1:1 with Catalysts, helping them fully embody their super powers, get clear on their vision and take intentional steps toward that vision.
• I support teams led by Catalysts, ensuring they have the resilience and health to be ready for change and action.
• I host retreats for Catalysts to gain clarity, connect and rejuvenate – together with the powerful Shannon Lucas.
• Plus I research, write about, speak about and teach Catalysts… all the time!

Catalysts the world over work with me to:
• Get crystal clear on the vision they want to manifest
• Build action plans to get there
• Test and iterate the action plans by DOING
• Develop their leadership so they can better help others help them manifest
• Grow the health and resilience of their teams so they are ready to change the world together

I spent 12 lightning-fast years at Microsoft where I worked at the intersection of technology, design and innovation. I am an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation, an award winning faciliator, and the co-founder of the Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference. As a trained social scientist, I am able to identify patterns that allow me to get to the heart of the matter—both with individuals’ behaviors as well as with teams and systems. I sees things others do not. I am known for directly sharing what I see with compassion, warmth and an eye toward results.

I see my life’s purpose as helping people confidently stand in their light. In my work I value Possibility, Clarity, Action, Reflection and Grace. Together these allow for sustained positive impact.

A bit of insight into my head – when I need a boost I sing my theme song to myself – Try Everything, by Shakira.

Learn about my partner company Catalyst Constellations, through which I host retreats with my partner Shannon Lucas.