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“Tracey quickly perceives the heart of the matter and can then reflect it back extremely clearly – this is a very rare gift! Working with her I got real clarity about what I actually wanted to do and the strengths that I had to confidently say I was ready. I increased my resilience and I learned how to talk about being a Catalyst in a way others could embrace. Tracey is a very powerful ally who fights passionately for you and your potential.”
John M – Director of Business Design

“Tracey has the unique ability to get to the heart of what you need even if you can’t explain it in words – it felt like she had known me forever. Working with her transformed my understanding of my working style and helped me to accomplish things I didn’t think I could do.

Learning what a Catalyst was and how to operate as one transformed my life personally and professionally. I started our work thinking “what is wrong with me – I can’t focus – I have all these ideas – no one else wants to do these things” and after working with Tracey I realized how much I had to offer and could say to colleagues “Here is what you can expect from me”. The self-understanding and empowerment I got from Tracey has permanently altered how I see and show up in the world.”
Meghan M – HR Manager/Professional

“As a CEO I have worked with a lot of coaches and Tracey has the rare ability to quickly “get” my world and crystalize the core issues so we can focus on moving things forward. Her style strikes a strong balance of empathy with firmness, which is perfect for working with executives. She recognized me as a Catalyst and helped me build strategies around my strengths as well as the potential land mines. We worked together as I evaluated new opportunities and she really helped guide me to the best path for success!”
Glenn L – CEO, at Enterprise Software Company

“I’ve worked with Tracey at several key transition points in my career, most recently as I began leading a team. She empowers me by helping me build on my strengths instead of just telling me new ways to do things. She is so trustworthy and positive that it feels both safe and vulnerable at the same time. Understanding I was a Catalyst and learning to manage the typical pitfalls has been lifechanging – from helping my communication style to realizing I must rejuvenate to function at my best. Overall, I feel like Tracey helps me be “more like me” and be more successful as me.”
Veronica S – Manager, at global online retailer

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