1 on 1 Coaching

During 1:1 coaching we will start by clearly articulating the vision of what you want to manifest, then we will build action plans to get there and dive into action…iterating as we go. I will step with you as you experiment and increase the impact you have on the world around you.

Team Health

Catalytic Leaders move fast. And that comes with specific challenges. I will work with you and your team , ensuring all of you have the resilience and health to be ready for change and action. This may be a one day offsite, or a series of meetings that allows your team to build trust, get clear on the path ahead and create impactful change together.



I gather Catalysts to support clarity, connection with other Catalysts and rejuvenation. I do this together with Shannon Lucas via my partner company, Catalyst Constellations.

Speaking / Teaching

I love to share my research about Catalysts. I teach classes such as ‘Maximizing Your Impact as a Change Agent‘ via the EPIC organization and love to give talks at conferences and at organizations such as:

• Leading through Quicksand
• Communicating a Vision
• How to Bring a Tribe Along
• The Most Important Ingredient to Success? ACTION.

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