Telltale Signs of a Catalyst

• Deep desire to make the world around you better.
• Deep drive to move to action.
• Overflowing with ideas.
• Piece together information quickly.
• Learning and experimentation mindset.


Are you a Catalyst?

“As a catalyst I come into a situation, seeing what is there, bringing some of my own thoughts in, but holding back and seeing lots of different elements and allowing my mind to be big enough to swirl in it to come to some ideas and directions. Being a catalyst is helping to then make something different or to change direction. Then bringing people along on that idea and getting them to move forward on that idea.” – catalyst

We’ve all experienced Catalysts – there is an energy…
that seems to swirl around them, they constantly have new ideas and can inspire us to think the impossible is possible. Catalysts can be like a thorn in our side, always…

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